Ramesh Chemicals

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The KVN Group began as a humble business in 1966 and has transformed into a conglomerate that hosts various businesses in multiple industries.

Ramesh Chemicals began as a chemical trading company that handles the distribution of acids and compounds in and around Calicut.


We began chemical trading business in the early periods and have flourished as the number one dealers of acids in the region.

We were always customer-centric and have built a reliable and trustworthy relationship with all our customers since the beginning. Since quality is really important in the acid and chemical business, we gave huge importance to it. We conduct tests to ensure the quality of the products we distribute and we ensure that all the quality control standards are met.


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Safety Commitments

Chemicals and acids are dealt with extreme safety measures


We value our customers and we offer incredible service


Our commitment to our clients always exceeds expectations

Superior Quality

The products we handle are of premium quality and standards

“Our customer base has expanded and have become a huge community who trust us with our products and quality”

Our customer centric approach has accentuated our customer service quality and standards.

A Different Approach

Ramesh Chemicals have always followed a unique and distinct approach in our business and customer experience.

When we stepped into the chemical and acid distribution business, our prime objective was to retain our customers and to earn their trust and loyalty. The acid and chemical industry demands precision and supreme quality in every product. We made sure that the products we collected were of the required quality and followed all the safety and standard guidelines. Our experts will make sure that the customer requirements are fulfilled with utmost precision every single time. Our distinct approach and the trust we built over the years have helped us build and expand our customer base.


Ramesh Chemicals offers a whole new and different perspective of chemical trading through stringent quality controls and elite product line.

We stick to our carefully concocted strategy to ensure product quality and standards. The ultimate focus is on delivering superior standard service and product to our valued customers and to establish a healthy and long-term business relationship with them.