CSR Committee:

a. The committee will meet at least once a year.

b. All strategic decisions are considered by the Board in their meetings; once the decisions are finalized, the operational details are handled by the 'Foundation Team' at KVN.

01 Education

A fundamental need to survive could only be achieved with a strong source of education.

Knowledge helps to determine the path forward for any individual, hence the value for education can't be determined. In our life, it is important to write well and correctly as papertyper.net. Promoting education, including special education and inclusive education for children with disabilities, skill development, and livelihood enhancement projects are the primary initiatives taken at the "Foundation" here at KVN.

02 Sustainable Operations

Vehicles used for our transportation to go-green in the next decade and net-zero carbon throughout our facilities by 2035.

Commitment to sustainability creates a working atmosphere that ensures our products and partners are part of a bigger picture. Our buildings are part of a transition process that ensures it uses environmentally favorable construction materials and with a focus on water and waste reduction strategies across our facilities while functioning on a day to day basis.

03 Necessities of Life - Livelihood

We believe in a growth narrative that strengthens our immediate communities and neighborhood.

"KVN Foundation" functions as a growth symbol for the community and helps to express the humane, compassionate, and benevolent side of the company. KVN Group has touched hundreds of lives through the KVN Foundation Program envisioned by our Founder Shri K V Narayana Menon. The current management team follows his footsteps by building 'Community Infrastructure' such as the right to a proper health facility, education for the deprived, support during the unfortunate flood crisis that struck millions in Kerala during 2018, along with many more.

04 The Climate Pledge

Zero emissions by the year 2050 and 100% renewable energy for KVN Impex.

Our ultimate vision and goal are to create a path to eliminate the carbon footprint throughout our warehouses by 2035 and have a net-zero emission within KVN Group by 2050. It is our obligation as ‘KVN’ to contribute to the reduction of drastic climate changes and to protect the environment for future generations.