KVN Polytech Private Ltd.

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KVN Polytech Pvt Ltd specializes in the distribution and wholesale of plastic raw materials. We’ve been trading polymer throughout South India since 2004.

We are engaged in the domestic trading and distribution of plastic raw materials and we operate as a sister concern of KVN Impex.

Our Approach

We choose the best quality derivatives of polymers from the best manufacturers to distribute it to our customers all over South India.

KVN Polytech Pvt Ltd has its experience in the domestic sale of plastic raw materials. We purchase plastic raw materials from the plastic manufacturers and we distribute it to the manufacturers who build various plastic products. We have upheld quality and world-class customer service ever since we began our trading. We choose our products only after strict quality and standard checks to ensure the superiority of our products. KVN Polytech is owned and run by Ramesh Menon and his brother Rajesh Menon. They have taken the company forward with their clever and strategic approach and they will steer the company to greater heights in the future.

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Plastic Packing Design

We provide plastic raw materials to suit every plastic packing design


Medical Plastic

Superior quality plastic for medical equipment manufacturing


Plastic Injection Moulding

We provide high-quality plastic raw materials to manufacture plastic injection moulding

Why Choose KVN Polytech Pvt Ltd

Among the many plastic raw material distributors in South India, we stand out as the people who provide world-class quality products to our customers.

The raw materials used in the manufacture of various plastic end products are distributed only after industry-standard quality assurance and checks. We are the leading distributors of various polymer products in the country and have established a strong client base within a very limited time. We provide plastic raw materials and compounding solutions in all standards and quality to suit almost all the industries. Our experts have immense experience and knowledge in determining the quality of a product and we use their expertise in figuring out the best for our customers.