About KVN

KVN Group of Companies, established in the year 1966, is a popular conglomerate headquartered in Calicut. Shri K V Narayana Menon, our founding father, actualized this venture.

Our story began when our father kick-started his business life as a wholesale biscuit dealer and a humble venture - Ramesh Chemicals, a company exclusively for chemical distribution, following which came KVN Impex Private Ltd.

Established in the Year 1999, which serves as our primary company, we widened our enterprise throughout South India. After Ramesh Chemicals, KVN Polytech Private Ltd was founded in 2004 and is focusing on polymer trading and importing. Later KVN Petroproducts was established in 2007. Our latest ventures are KVN Hotels and Resorts Private Ltd and KVN Victuals (India) Pvt Ltd. established in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

We are grateful to our contented clientele for helping and trusting us to become a multi-million dollar conglomerate in South India. Our company always endeavors to go that extra mile since our inception and has helped us to continue as the top-notch players in the polymer business and other consumer-driven businesses as well.

Our Mission

To provide high quality and environment-friendly products and thus surpassing customer expectations by an on-time supply of products.

We will give more emphasis on enhancing our customer’s satisfaction and the services offered to them. Besides, we strive to maintain profitability, thus ensuring our company’s long term success. Moreover, our goal is to ensure employee satisfaction and great teamwork to accomplish every goal.


Our Vision

To produce superlative polymer products for our customers by partnering with suppliers and to consequently sustain our position as the leader in the consumer-driven business establishment.

Moreover, we strive to achieve success in all endeavors in the future through steady growth. We give more importance to integration, i.e., function with great integrity and always stress on excellence by doing things in a better manner. With that, we reflect the commitment and honesty that we have to our customers.


Spacious Warehouse

Warehouse with more than 2 Lakh square feet area.


Full-fledged branches and Warehouses

More than ten branches throughout Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry (UT) and Karnataka.


Largest Importers

Among the largest importers of plastic raw materials in South India.


Family-run Organisation

An entirely family-run business led by Mr. Ramesh Menon and Mr. Rajesh Menon.

Beginning as a small startup, the KVN Group of Companies diversified itself throughout South India and became one of the leading polymer business establishments.

We have set new standards in achieving a happy and contented customer base throughout South India.

Our Team

An entirely family-run conglomerate consisting of our Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Ramesh Menon and whole-time directors Mr. Rajesh Menon, Mrs. Rashmi Rajesh, and Mrs. Sindhu Ramesh. Undoubtedly, KVN Group has established its mark in the sphere with our effort and expertise in the field.

Mr. Ramesh Menon is the Chairman and Managing Director of KVN Impex and KVN Group. In his earlier role, he was the partner in Ramesh Chemicals, a firm that laid the foundation for KVN Group and other companies that shaped KVN.

A veteran in Sales and Negotiations with over 30 years of leadership that shaped the company. An expert in closing deals and concluding negotiations, Mr. Ramesh has opened new chapters for KVN Impex to flourish beyond the horizon.

Ramesh Menon

Chairman & MD

Mr. Rajesh Menon is the Executive Director of KVN Group and a Whole-time Director at KVN Impex who is the visionary behind the growth of KVN. Upon taking reigns from his father and founder Shri K V Narayana Menon who laid the foundation for the Group, his guidance and active role in strategically planning different locations for expansion shed new light on the KVN Impex brand.

Mr. Rajesh is an MBA Graduate with a specialization in Finance and Marketing. Sheer 25 years of experience in Management and Finance has articulated Mr. Rajesh in executing his vision by hard work, dedication, and teamwork.

Rajesh Menon


An active and important player in the Group, Mrs. Rashmi Rajesh is a teacher by profession. Mrs. Rashmi has focused more on building a team effort and work atmosphere that shaped a sustainable environment within KVN.

Rashmi Rajesh


With being an important figure in KVN, Mrs. Sindhu Ramesh has always valued employee and customer co-existence as the key role for a sustainable future. Mrs. Sindhu has an active role in the Human Resources Dept. that has paved ways to create a suitable working atmosphere amongst our employees.

Sindhu Ramesh